Favourite child trophy guaranteed

March 15, 2023

You've come to the right place if you’re still deliberating over the perfect prezzie to reward your Mum for a lifetime of selfless care and kindness.

Your Mum raised you to be organised. On the ball. In-the-know. So leaving it any later than right now to shop for the perfect Mother's Day gift isn't recommended. Granted, your chic, extra-special superwoman of a mum – or the well-deserving mother figure in your life – deserves to be thanked and appreciated every day of the year. Still, Mother's Day is the ultimate excuse to spoil her rotten.

If you're not up to speed, Mother's Day in 2023 falls on March 19th, so you haven’t got long to get your act together and organise something she'll be delighted to unwrap. Be it flowers, chocolates or something more lavish; there's plenty to choose from.

We think a good Mother’s Day gift demands something more meaningful than a bog-standard box of chocolates – no matter how often she professes to be “happy with anything”. A thoughtful gift does go a long way.

While there’s nothing wrong with giving blooms, we also favour bestowing a beauty indulgence. It comes with a subtext: you’re loved and appreciated; here’s something spoiling and special. They’re gifts that can last for months, like recurring love notes.

Our brand new NUTRIACTIVE range is about finding time for that blissful 'all about me' moment when you feel your tired skin soaking up the rejuvenating nutrients of a mask crafted to deliver high concentrations of active ingredients to your skin.

Effective, inexpensive, and loaded with natural goodies, the trio of vegan and biodegradable sheet masks, based on the top searched beauty ingredients of 2022, go the extra mile in delivering targeted cosmeceutical skincare.

Mums can give their skin a moisture boost with the hydrating Hyaluronic Acid sheet mask, reveal a brighter complexion and smooth their skin's surface with the rejuvenating Retinol sheet mask, or give their skin a wake-up call with the energising Vitamin C sheet mask.

Often overwhelmed by a modern epidemic of busyness, there’s a kind of constant shifting of the goalposts that goes on in Mum-life. Unfortunately, they can't suddenly decide one morning to opt out of everything that's demanded, but you can help them achieve solace and self-care in beauty rituals that calm the mind, cleanse the skin, and offer a little bit of ‘me-time’.

There's a bit of glamour in every Mum - she needs the know-how to set it free. And finding the best face mask can do wonders for your skin. But when it comes to all the formulas, some go the extra mile - and some don't. What we endeavoured to do here is to guarantee your skin the workout it deserves and safely deliver sought-after actives deeper into your skin.

These benefit-led, skin-boosting, seven-minute treatments rebalance, restore, moisturise, brighten, or smooth and firm. These capsule sheet masks trap active ingredients on the skin, forcing it to lock in the moisture and receive all the benefits.

Those early interactions, whilst lathering on cold cream or connecting through skincare, can dramatically affect your beliefs about yourself, your expectations of others, and how you cope with stress and regulate your emotions as an adult. Be it dotting our faces with cold cream in winter to slathering us with oils when we were babies, our mothers were the first people who started taking care of our skin and taught us how to do it ourselves.

As we grow, our mums often share the value of a good skincare routine, and you will no doubt fondly recall the joy at having your own supply of self-care products and, subsequently, your bespoke self-care routine. Taking the time to slow down and focus on self-care is so important, and, for the lucky ones, this practice follows them into adulthood.

While we’ve all attempted a rebellion, big or small, at some point, we often end up in the same place: your mother was probably right. She was right to tell you to stop tweezing your brows so vigorously, she was right to say that your foundation didn’t match your neck, and she was right to tell you to snap up these budget-friendly, benefit-led treatments.

Finding time to get glamorous when you have kids can be a challenge. Real talk: Sometimes, a hot shower isn't even in the cards. But because we firmly believe beauty makes you feel good on the inside, it's worth finding ways to get the job done against all odds (we see you, 4-hours-of-sleep brain).

So, next on your shopping list should be our range of Superfood Clays & Peel-Offs, which harness the benefits of key superfoods such as antioxidant-rich blueberries, matcha, nourishing avocado, and cannabis sativa oil to help effectively cleanse the skin.

There’s no need to be worried: this is an errand that you can tick off your list in no time: contrary to what you might be thinking, sourcing these magnificent masks is a much simpler task than finding other gifts for her.

Why not help her achieve a glowing complexion with the help of our rich Matcha & Chia Clay Mask, loaded with skin-calming matcha, moisturising chia seed and purifying moringa seed?

Our Superfood Blueberry Mud Masks will keep Mum’s skin hydrated and smooth. Bursting with antioxidant-rich blueberries and refreshing raspberries, this Superfood mask will deeply cleanse and soothe skin to berrfection!

Our Superfood Avocado Clay Mask will keep Mum on her toes feeling hydrated, infatuated and maybe even vindicated. We can’t lie – it’s powerful stuff. This mask also contains finely crushed walnuts to softly exfoliate whilst boosting the skin with a taste of true hydration and purity.

We’ll take a wild guess and say that on the short list of people you go all out for, Mum is tops - meaning the best Mother’s Day gifts are non-negotiable. Our mums deserve the World, but we can't afford the whole planet.

So, fill your boots with these unique Mother's Day masks and earn serious top son or daughter points!