Give your skin a boost with 7th Heaven NUTRIACTIVE

February 13, 2023

7th Heaven skincare, a best-selling line of face masks, today added a brand-new NUTRIACTIVE range to its renowned portfolio.


  • Create the right skincare environment for beautiful-looking skin
  • Measured doses of three top-searched actives for a robust, radiant complexion
  • Budget-friendly, benefit-led treatments for all skin types
  • Available today from Beauty Goddess, online and in-store.

Effective, inexpensive, and loaded with natural goodies, the trio of vegan and biodegradable sheet masks, based on the top searched beauty ingredients of 2022, go the extra mile in delivering targeted cosmeceutical skincare.

Give your skin a moisture boost with the hydrating Hyaluronic Acid sheet mask, reveal a brighter complexion and smooth your skin's surface with the rejuvenating Retinol sheet mask, or give your skin a wake-up call with the energising Vitamin C sheet mask.

The eagerly awaited and much-anticipated NUTRIACTIVE range is supported with active ingredients at significant concentrations, more than delivering on its promise to make a difference.

Holistic Marketing Lead Celine Delasalle said: "The NUTRIACTIVE range is all about finding time for that blissful 'all about me' moment when you feel your tired skin soaking up the rejuvenating nutrients of a mask crafted to deliver high concentrations of active ingredients to your skin.

"Finding the best face mask can do wonders for your skin, but when it comes to all the different formulas, some go the extra mile - and some don't. What we endeavoured to do here is to guarantee your skin the workout it deserves and safely deliver sought-after actives deeper into your skin."

Sheet masks use the material to trap active ingredients on the skin, forcing it to lock in the moisture and receive all the benefits. So, whether you want to rebalance and restore, moisturise and brighten, or smooth and firm, these capsule sheet masks have the restoration of your skin's balance front of mind.

"Human skin has 1 billion microbes per square centimetre, and that natural bacterium maintains the skin's immunity and prevents pathogenic growths," said 7th Heaven's Head of Labs, David English.

"The amino acids promote cellular repair, increase skin moisture, and stimulate collagen production; perfect for solving plenty of common skincare woes."

These benefit-led, skin-boosting, seven-minute treatments are available right now from