’Tis the party season to show up as a glam goddess

December 01, 2022

From radiance-enhancing boosters to iconic face masks, prep your skin for those big moments with our ultimate party season guide. Want to look and feel your most glamorous this festive season

’Tis the party season to show up as a glam goddess – and looking great starts with the correct skincare.

Too much alcohol, too much food, too much stress, too much sugar, too much sun. Just too much of everything. Even spending too much time in front of crackling kindling takes its toll on your skin!

As fun as the festive season can be, you’re likely to activate more free radicals and glycation than your body normally would. The lipid barrier of your skin begins to show signs of stress due to all those late nights, alcohol, and maybe a bit of neglect in your usual skincare routine.

First and foremost, let’s talk hydration. Besides the fact that the cold, dry weather has a not-so-wonderful way of sapping our skin of moisture, prioritising hydration right now is essential for other reasons too. Not only will it help keep dryness at bay, but it will also help your skin help itself by keeping that all-important skin barrier in check.

Although party season is all about enjoying ourselves, we also need to limit damage to our skin. Overindulging in cocktails and other festive tipples dehydrates our skin, which may present as fine lines, dullness, lack of elasticity and tightness.

“Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!” is the message from 7th Heaven’s Head of Labs, David English. “Staying hydrated during this party season is a must. Try ordering water with every other drink, and then make sure you have a glass before bed.

“During the hours of 1 am-3 am, our skin’s main role is to detoxify, regenerate and repair - if during this time the skin cannot complete these tasks, then this will harm the skin. The negative impact of late nights shows where the skin is finest, around the eye contour.”

While we’re always willing to try out the latest eye makeup trend beloved by TikTok, or a hairstyle direct from the runway, the secret to building a flawless party look starts with the proper preparation of your skin.

So, here’s what you’ll need. Well, to state the obvious, you’ll need a complexion that’s ready to be transformed. Thankfully, there’s just enough time to treat yourself to a series of skin-rejuvenating treatments.

The winter can dry out skin, so taking stock of the cleanser you are using is crucial, as some can strip natural facial oils. Look for an oil-balancing formulation that gently lifts away dirt and bacteria, protecting the skin from dehydration. Focus on being gentle - mild cleansers, lukewarm water, and gently patting dry can help reduce the redness and restore your skin to a healthier state with a more balanced complexion.

A bright, glowy complexion is the perfect base for makeup. And it’s so easy to achieve. You need to exfoliate a few times a week.

To give your skin the tools it needs to keep functioning at its prime, be sure to load up on antioxidants now.

The 7th Heaven 24-hour Hydration Sensitive Skin Sheet Mask is continuous hydration with an extra layer of care. Clinically proven and dermatologically tested are must-haves and have a sort of magnetic pull about them on the shelf at this time of year.

With Vitamin E working to neutralise free radicals and helping manage oxidative stress, we look to pair this with ingredients like cucumber, argan oil, almond oil, or aloe vera, all of which seal in your skin’s natural moisture.

Almond oil contains a high level of fatty acids that can improve the skin's barrier function, and it also has vitamins D and E. Hence, it works as an anti-inflammatory, calming, double-whammy.

Our new CBD Infused 24-Hour Hydration Mask is a biodegradable sheet mask featuring a nourishing blend of vitamin E, CBD oil and sweet almond oil. It has been carefully created to help reduce breakouts and revitalise tired, stressed skin.  

“Try to make the time to do a proper cleanse, tone and moisturise as the first step of your party prep,” said English.

“It’s not always possible, but when you can, start your skincare routine from scratch by washing away other makeup, dirt and oil and then apply a super hydrating moisturiser for dewy, plump skin.”

Masks containing fatty acids, or ingredients that have emollient properties, soothe and repair the skin barrier, feed the skin, fill in any cracks at the surface, and overall improve your skin's function.

We’re constantly looking for silky, nutritious oils that are particularly effective in improving your skin barrier function, reversing photoaging, or healing scarring.

Good skin doesn’t happen in a day. It results from a healthy diet, exercise, and the right skincare products diligently applied daily. But if you’re having a bad skin day and need a quick fix, try a sheet mask.

After all, who cleanses their skin after a night on the tiles?

Think of sheet masks like a booster: ramping up your cleansing regime by incorporating skin-loving ingredients. Whenever your skin’s feeling worse for wear, a sheet mask can plump up the hydration levels and give your face a fresh, radiant glow.

“Try to set aside time for a hydrating, rejuvenating mask as an extra special treat. Not only does it deeply cleanse and gently exfoliate your skin, so it looks fresh and radiant, but it serves as a little ‘me-time’ so you can recharge your social battery in between events. Use a sheet mask for around 15 minutes before applying makeup so your skin can soak up an extra dose of nourishing and hydrating ingredients.

Better known for its demonstrated potential to ease the pain of arthritis and other ailments, evidence is emerging that when it comes to the skin, Turmeric can help safeguard against inflammation and free radical damage, which can contribute to acne flare-ups and support the synthesis of collagen.   

When combined with the skin-friendly benefits of vitamins C, B1, B6, and B12, our Super Naturals Kombucha & Turmeric Detoxifying Clay Mask gently and efficiently encourages pores to release toxins while brightening the skin's complexion. 

For the immersive types, try the Earth Kiss Experience app, with specially curated tracks to match your intentions and timed perfectly for your mask to work its magic, allowing you to create a holistic wellness moment. 

Looking great starts with the correct skincare and makeup. Prep, prime and preen.

Make minor changes to boost your endorphins, manage stress, increase your nutrient intake, and thoroughly cleanse the skin. You can still enjoy party season!

Glowing skincare can make the season merry and bright.